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Warning Signs of Travel Fraud

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Warning Signs of Travel Fraud - Vacation Scams Can Cost You Any Time Of Year

Watch for the Warning Signs of Travel Fraud

Republished: January 5th 2022

Just because summer is over doesn't mean you can let your guard down when it comes to vacation scams. Whether it's the sale of bogus time shares or vacation clubs, prize-related vacation fraud, or anything else, don't be sucked in by the promise of free or low-cost holiday trips. Unless you heed the warning signs, you could end up wasting your money.

One scam that's been circulating recently is the posting of bogus vacation home rental ads, including photos of real homes on Social Media and other online classified advertising sites. Those who respond are asked to pay a deposit, only to find out later that the advertised property doesn't exist, has been misrepresented, or isn't available for rent.

That's just one of the fraudulent practices the National Consumers League mentions in its list of vacation and travel scams.

For more examples of common financial ripoffs, read "Beware of These Scams."

Recently, consumer officials in Hawaii, Maine, and other states also posted a list of six signs that a phone call, text, email, letter, or in-person offer is actually a travel scam.

Someone contacts you unexpectedly.

You get a "robocall" from someone using an automatic dialer, a common and illegal method scammers employ.

You're told you've won a free vacation or air travel but that you have to first pay some fees.

You're asked for your credit card number "just for verification" or to pay taxes or port fees.

You can't get specifics on the promised travel arrangements.

You're pressed into signing up right away for a travel club or any other travel-related service or you'll lose the opportunity.

Last year, we wrote about the dangers of vacation clubs, citing many online complaints and a lawsuit New Jersey filed against a company that it said collected hundreds or thousands of dollars in membership fees and then failed to deliver the deep discounts, vacation accommodations, and other travel services it had promised.

Alta Resort in Salt Lake City Utah

How Scammers Rent Out Occupied Houses

Permission ABC News

When the owners of an Indiana home recently listed it for sale, they got an unexpected surprise: a rental scam targeting their address.

"People were getting out of their cars. They were coming up to our front door, ringing our doorbell, looking into our windows," homeowner Amy Hagans told ABC News after an ABC News reporter noticed a story about her plight that originally appeared in The Star Press.

The people were responding to a Craigs List post advertising a three-bedroom, two-bath house, with a big backyard that was available to rent for just $750 a month.

"I fell in love with the house. The yard was humongous," said Patty Costa, who came to see the house in Muncie, Indiana.

Costa said the home was "perfect" for her grandchildren. After exchanging texts with the person who posted the ad, she wired the person a $275 deposit and then came to see the house herself. When Costa approached the home, she learned that the deal was too good to be true. The Hagans' had posted a sign saying, "Our house is not for rent" to alert people to the scam.

"I opened the door to see a lady standing on my porch, reading the sign on our front door," Hagans said. "I felt terrible about the whole situation." It's a scam being played out in housing markets across the country.

"It's very, very simple to do these types of Internet scams. It's very easy to hijack an existing listing," said Austin Berglas, the head of U.S. Cyber Investigations for K2 Intelligence, an investigative consulting firm. The process is called "scraping."

Scammers create fraudulent rental listings using photos and details from legitimate postings already online.

In the Hagans' case, the scammer may have used images from the real estate company's website where the Hagans' had posted their home for sale.

According to the FBI, scams like these cost Americans nearly $20 million in 2021. And the bureau estimates the actual number of cases could be 10 times higher because many aren't reported.

These types of scenarios also exist in the vacation rental market.

When Cherry McCaffrey used a rental website to book a vacation house in South Lake Tahoe for her extended family, they found the door unlocked when they arrived.

After they settled in, the owner showed up, not knowing his house had been rented out.

Experts say there are ways renters can protect themselves. First, never wire money. Second, try a "reverse image search" for the listing photos on a site like Google. If images from that listing appear on multiple websites, renter beware.

Lastly, use common sense. Scammers will not join our membership ranks. Why?, they have to be real to be listed on our website. A scammer will not use a service like ours because they don't want to be known by anyone. Besides, when someone asks to be included on our pages, we visit with every lodging owner and personally check out their units!

"I think the best tip, is really, if it looks too good to be true, it most likely is," Berglas said.

Skiing Utah For The First Time? The information below should help!

Some can be good but usually are not the way to go. Why? Someone's getting paid a commission! Whether it be cutting back on the quality of the lodging, the time spent here, or limited lift tickets, something has to give. Something has to be cut back on to pay the commissions of the people offering these all-inclusive ski packages! So our advice is to do it yourself. With the Internet by your side, you can view a lodging website, see every room, check dates and availabily, etc. all in the comfort of your home or office. A lodging website usually has so much more information than the old way of getting info, a small printed brochure. That goes with everything, the Utah Ski Resorts, Utah Ski Lodging, Utah Restaurants, transportation, you name it.

Check On How Many Bedrooms It Has
What Are The Amenities
Does It Have A Fireplace
Location To The Resorts, How Close
Who to call if a problem arises while you are there
Price, everyone wants a nice place to stay, but they don't want to be overcharged.
Your best bets are owner rentals, management company's for which an owner pays to have his or her property rented, cleaned, etc., and existing hotels.


Shuttle services uber and taxis and car rentals are abundant
Some property owners have specials & discounts available for their renters that are done with the car rental agencies.
Some will even pick you up at the airport.

There are many convenient locations for ski and snowboard rentals throughout Salt Lake & Park City.

You cannot buy discount lift tickets at the resorts! That would be cutting their set prices. But, for years, 2 local ski shops, AJ Motion Sports and Canyon Sports are supplied a daily portion of Utah Ski Lift Tickets to sell to their customers. You simply buy these Discounted Utah Ski Lift Tickets when you get to town for as many days as you want.

Lofty Peaks Snowmobile Rentals & Tours
Park City Utah Snowmobile Rentals
Lofty Peaks Snowmobile Rentals & Tours. 2 Locations, above Park City & at Snowbird. Utah's Oldest, Largest and Still the Best! New snowmobiles, groomed trails and great meadows to play in. Longest season - November till the first of May.
Lofty Peaks Snowmobile Rentals & Tours Official Website
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Snowmobile Adventures at Thousand Peaks
salt lake city
Ranked #1 on Trip Advisor. - Utah's Largest Private Ranch ( 60,000 acres ) with Highest tours (11,000') and Most snow (30') - "Snowmobile of the Year" Ski-doos, easiest to ride...only we've got them! Unbeatable Adventure!
Snowmobile Adventures at Thousand Peaks - Official Website
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High Country Snowmobile Rentals and Tours
utah snowmobiling
Daily Snowmobile Rentals and Tours are great ways to enjoy the environment around the Park City area and our mountains.

Over 200 miles of groomed snowmobile trails and access to over 400,000 acres of mountain terrain are filled with deer, our wintering bald eagles, and other wildlife. It's truly God's country up here. Grab your friends and family and have some fun this year!
High Country Snowmobiles - Official Website

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